Dream Cast

This is always a fun topic to think about!  What if I sold the movie rights to The Syrenka Series and what if I got to choose my cast?  Who would I pick?

Well, ever since I wrote Betrayal, I knew who Kain would be played by…but the others took some time for me to think about.  So here is my dream cast for most of the main and secondary characters.  The only one I can’t cast is Abhainn…because his form changes too many times and would probably have to be CGI. 


 Sarah Gadon - I think she would be perfect with her easy yet ethereal look that I envision.

Alex Pettyfer - Enough said.



Nicholas Hoult - Just imagine the green eyes…


Alexander Skarsgard - He already plays an obnoxious vampire, why not a demented merman?


Erik Fellows - A little older and a nice mix of preppy and hot!


Matt Bomer - With green contacts…yep! That’s my selkie leader!


  Caleb Landry Jones - He just looks like he’d be a good friend!


Kristen Kreuk - Beautiful and kind.


Lucas Till - The perfect bodyguard for Eviana.


Theo James - An ex-soldier, now training all of the protectors.


Anthony Mackie - The lost selkie.


Natalia Dyer - Young enough and perfect darker hair with blue eyes.


 Pawel Szajda - The shunned celebrity merman with a pension for being crazy.
Abhainn and Isabel

Abhainn would be CGI but he'd have to have his bowler's hat.

And I imagine Isabel looking something like this in her "human" form.
Here are some other options (Thanks Candy for Brendan and Graham!):

Levene Rambin - Eviana

Tom Welling - Brendan

Jensen Ackles - Graham
What do you think?  Any other alternatives?